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Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders

Texas Hydraulics’ Integrated Cylinders have a complete, self-contained hydraulic linear actuator with a high force output. The closed reservoir eliminates dirt and water damage, extending the life of the cylinder.

Applications: Utilities, Material Handling, Oil & Gas, Defense, Transportation, Agriculture

Fully Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics Fully Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics


  • Compact Unit
  • Complete, self-contained hydraulic linear actuator
  • High Force Output
  • Closed Reservoir—eliminates dirt and water contamination
  • Leak Elimination—No Hoses, No Fittings
  • Load Locking/Holding
  • Eliminate Hydraulic System Assembly Time
  • Reduce Component Count
  • Low Maintenance and Service Cost
  • Welded Construction Durability
  • Custom Mount Designs
  • Up to 3500 psi (240 bar)
Fully Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics

Optional Features

  • Linear Position Sensing
  • End of Stroke Sensing
  • Numerous Valve Options
    • Counterbalance
    • Single or Dual PO Check
    • Proportional Control
    • Second Actuator Hydraulic Power
    • Regeneration Circuit
    • Overload Relief
  • Power Controls
    • Solid State Switching and Speed Control
    • Solar Power Option
    • 12, 24, 36 DC Voltage, 120 AC Voltage
  • Integrated Filtration
  • Single or Bi-Rotational Systems
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