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EAS-i Actuator Hydraulic System

Texas Hydraulics’ EAS-i Actuator is a self-contained system, which controls cylinder motion to perform a programmed function or to respond to an input. The EAS-i Actuator can provide closed-loop feedback on pressure, temperature, cycles, angle, velocity and/ or position from the actuator to the on-board controller and can be customized to your system.

Applications: Material Handling, Utilities, Road Service, Oil & Gas, Defense, Transportation, Agriculture

EAS-i Actuator Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics EAS-i Actuator Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics


  • On-Board Electronic Controller
  • Input System Which Feeds into the Controller with Secondary Input Capability
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Designed to Match Application Requirements
  • Easily Programmable Logic
  • Equipment Function Synchronization and Sequencing
  • Work Envelope Control
  • Speed/Acceleration Control (Electronic Cushion/Velocity Control)
  • Position, Velocity, Temperature, Cycles and Pressure Feedback Devices
  • Parallel/Series System Capability (Lift/Steer – Rotate/Tilt – Etc.)
  • Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) Valve Manifold Utilizing Load Holding, Flow, Pressure, Proportional and Directional Control Cartridge Valves
  • Links to the Various Data Transfer Lines in the Main Control System (J1939 and CANbus)
EAS-i Actuator Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics

Optional Features

  • Simplified Electro-Hydraulic Systems
  • Fully Tested, Plug-and-Play Solution
  • Control Solution Designed around Application and Desired Function
  • Highly Flexible and Modular
  • Easy Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Increased Stiffness and Control due to Valve Proximity
  • Provides Simple, Local Feedback
  • Decreased Number of Leak Points
  • Lower Heat Generation and Improved Efficiency through Optimized Pressure Drops
  • Decreased Part Numbers and Less Inventory Control Required
  • Allows for Improved Performance and Reliability in Various Environments
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