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Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders

Position Sensing Technology is ideal for applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. Texas Hydraulics will work with you to provide the position sensing solution best suited to your application requirements. Whether high precision, redundancy, or field serviceability is you main concern, Texas Hydraulics has the experience and Industry knowledge to work with you to provide the cutting edge in cylinder technology to your customers.

Applications: Aerial Work Platforms, Utilities, Mining, Public Services, Defense, Transportation, Agriculture

Measure Hall Bridge MARS Hall Array Magnetostrictive
Typical Accuracy 3-12 mm 0-5 mm 0-2 mm
Ingress Protection IP67/IP69K IP67/IP69K IP67/IP69K
Field Serviceable Yes No No
Standard Lengths* Up to 48″/1,219 mm Up to 120″/3,048 mm Up to 300″/7,620 mm
Temperature -40° to 221°F -40° to 221°F -40° to 221°F
Input 5 Vdc 9-32 Vdc 8-32 Vdc
Output 0.5-4.5 Vdc Various Various
Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics


  • High Performance Contactless Sensing
  • Analog Voltage Output Proportional to Cylinder Stroke
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: Immunity Against Electromagnetic HF-Fields up to 200 V/m
  • Stroke Range: 2"-300" / 50 mm – 7,620 mm
  • Repeatability: As low as 0.005%
  • Minimum Rod Diameter: 1″ /25 mm
  • Operating Pressures up to 5,000 psi / 350 bar
  • M12 Connector
Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders | Texas Hydraulics

Optional Features

  • Alternate Output Types for Tighter Control: Digital, CAN-bus
  • PWM or Current Output
  • Additional Linear Position Connector Types Available
  • Position Sensing Technology Available on Multiple Texas Hydraulics Cylinder Types
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