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Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities - Texas Hydraulics, Inc.

With a highly experienced, specifically skilled team of manufacturing professionals, Texas Hydraulics provides a partnership you can count on. From raw material to finished product, we provide our customers with superior motion solutions.

Initiatives and Accomplishments

Texas Hydraulics is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Registered Company that was one of two companies in 2016 to be presented the Lone Star Safety Award by the Texas Department of Labor.

Continuous Improvement

Through Continuous Improvement and Value Creation culture, we drive enterprise excellence to reduce waste utilizing Kaizen events, CI Card (Voice of the Operator) process, Five Why analysis, standard work, and a stop & fix the problem mentality. Cross functional teams are commissioned to eliminate defects, reduce variability, and to promote predicted quality products. All this allows Texas Hydraulics to provide our customers with a top tier product.


Manufacturing Capabilities - Texas Hydraulics, Inc.

Texas has exceptional machining capability; from small parts to large parts, low volume or high volume; our diverse CNC machines are capable of getting the job done. Standard turning on a lathe to 1,000 mm, pallet HMC’s, and everything in between allow for responsive processing. Repeatable and consistent machining provides superior quality components to ensure a safe and quality product, delivered on-time.


At Texas Hydraulics welding is not only a core competency, it is vital to the successful operation of our cylinders. In order to provide a consistent and high quality product to you, our customer, our certified welders utilize a combination of our Miller Electric welding machines, ABB welding robots, sub-arc machine and in-house friction welder to fabricate your custom cylinder. All of our welders and weld processes are certified to AWS standards. Our team of welding professionals is led by our Welding Engineer (CWI, CWE, CWS) and is comprised of ASNT certified weld inspectors, robot programmers and weld technicians. With our industry focused welding capabilities and team, Texas Hydraulics is able to meet all of your application needs.


Texas utilizes flow lines designed based on product family to create a Value Stream to maximize velocity and consistency. Texas’ Value Streams have the flexibility to adequately assemble and test design specific requirements.

Private Identification

We offer several options for product identification including standard engraving, computerized dot matrix stamping, and bar coding and private labeling.


Paint Capabilities

Texas Hydraulics utilizes two paint lines to apply a protective coating to your product.  Our Automatic Line is an 800-hook conveyor chain with a 5-stage chemical pretreatment, automated plural component mixers, automated reciprocators, electrostatics, and a forced-cure drying oven.  Our Manual Line also utilizes a 5-stage chemical pretreatment, automated plural component mixers, electrostatics, and forced-cure drying oven.

Standard paint from Texas Hydraulics is supplied by Akzo Nobel and is a two-component epoxy primer followed by a two-component urethane topcoat.  We have 85 active colors and the ability to do in-house custom color matching to ensure that our customers get the color they want.  The standard coating system achieves minimum salt spray resistance of 8 @100 hrs and 6 @ 1000 hrs per ASTM B117/D1654.  If our standard paint system fails to meet your needs we also have the following capabilities:

  • Marine Paint System
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Paint System
  • Military Paint System (CARC)
  • Product offerings from Valspar, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams

Our cylinders will arrive to you on IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treated pallets, plastic banding material, foam & cardboard paint protection, and all bare steel surfaces covered in a rust preventive solution.  If additional protection is required we also offer:

  • Steel banding
  • 3M paint protection film
  • Long-term outdoor storage rust preventive solutions
  • Shrink wrap
  • “Do Not Stack” triangles
  • Wooden crates
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