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Valve Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Valve Integrated option eliminates hoses and tubing from the manifold block, reducing the use and cost of addition purchased parts and preventing contamination during machine assembly. Valve integrated cylinders are streamlined for a better fit, better appearance, and increased clearance on equipment.

Applications: Utilities, Material Handling, Oil & Gas, Public Services, Defense, Transportation, Agriculture


  • Counterbalance
  • Over load protection
  • Regenerative Circuits
  • Load Locking
  • Sequence Control
  • Flow Control / Velocity Fuse
  • Thermal Protection
  • Directional Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Proportional Flow

Product Advantages

  • Eliminates hoses and tubing from the manifold block
  • Reduces the use and cost of additional purchased parts
  • Streamlines for a better fit, a better aesthetic appearance, and increased clearances on the equipment
  • Prevents contamination during machine assembly
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