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Public Services Industry - Hydraulic Cylinder Applications - Texas Hydraulics, Inc.

When it comes to Public service applications, no one has a wider and in-depth knowledge that the engineering team at Texas Hydraulics. We supply hydraulic systems to most of the major ladder fire-truck manufacturers in the world. If it has to work all the time, every time, then Texas Hydraulics is your hydraulic solutions partner.

Public Services Applications

  • Ladder Fire Trucks
  • Street Sweepers
  • Vaccum Trucks

Hydraulic Cylinders for Public Services

Waste & Refuse Applications

Waste & Refuse Public Services - Hydraulic Cylinder Applications - Texas Hydraulics, Inc.

Let’s face it; the waste and refuse industry applications are rough on all systems, including hydraulics. That is why when partnering with a cylinder supplier; Texas Hydraulics is the right choice. We have designed and currently build cylinders that get pounded day-in and day-out in waste and recycling applications. From side loader tilt and grab cylinders, to front and rear loader lift and gate cylinders, Texas Hydraulics has a field proven design for your application.

  • Garbage Trucks – Front Loaders
  • Roll-offs
  • Garbage Trucks – Side Loaders
  • Garbage Trucks – Rear Loaders
  • Trailer Tippers

Hydraulic Cylinders for Waste & Refuse

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