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Meet our Team: Sonny St.Amant


Sonny started his career at Texas Hydraulics Inc. in November 1978. “I had recently left my job of 5 years and I was looking for something completely different. I started in the shop putting chamfers on spacers. 4 months later, I heard of a job in the engineering department for a drafting engineer and so I went for it! And I’ve been doing design work ever since.” Sonny has worked on designing cylinders and swivels for Texas Hydraulics Holdings for the past 39 years. As a design engineer, Sonny transfers the information from our customers or our applications engineers into drawings to send back to the customer.

“I love the challenge of design something mechanical to fit the customer’s needs, to make a design that is safe and efficient for our customer’s application. When I first started at Texas Hydraulics, the founders always emphasized the importance of the customer. So I have been customer driven since 1978.”

When asked what keeps him at THI for nearly 4 decades, Sonny replied, “The people, I enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy the challenge of a new cylinder design, I can take the routine out of it by constantly looking for something to improve the cylinder and help the customer. Texas Hydraulics has always treated me well.”


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